Friday, August 31, 2012


This blog is beginning to remind me of my failed attempts to keep a diary every year. Start off strong and then peter off to nothingness. I do though, have a very valid excuse. I've gone back to school!
At the end of last year, I'd had enough of my job and thought long and hard at my career.... If i'm not going to start up my own cafe then i'm not going to work for anyone else's. It's the same story at pretty much all the places I have worked over the years, work hard, very hard, for not a lot of money and not a lot of thanks, and crappy hours (yes weekends, I'm talking about you!).
Look it wasn't all bad, I've met a lot of great people, learned some awesome skills and had a lot of fun along the way. But when the bad times out weigh the good........ well, you know the rest from here.
So I enrolled in The Southern School of Natural Therapies in Fitzroy and have started my journey to become a Naturopath! Hurrah!!
I wanted to do this course straight out of high school, but back then you had to pay everything up front, so being 18 with only a little part time job, coughing up $10,000 a year wasn't gonna happen.
Its funny how things happen though, I feel I am right where I need to be, I've had more life experience and am more ready to undertake 4-6 years of study. This year I am only studying part time, and will go full time as of next year when I'll be married and have a hubby to sponge off... he he.
Thats the other reason I've been M.I.A I'm planning a wedding.... and if anyone has done it before you know what time it can take...
So be patient and I hope to soon post more regularly

Courts xxx