Friday, November 26, 2010

Ahem...testing 1,2,3

I dont know how this blog will turn out. I am so very far from being a literary genius ( I dont write real good..!!) I don't take amazing photos either ( Wow Courts, way to sell yourself Ha!) But I do love Food & Cooking. I spend most of my nights in front of the TV before bed, with Laptop lap, reading and researching food, recipes, restaurants and food blogs.

Firstly this Blog is for me, secondly for my gorgeous partner Jake ( the best kitchen hand/ apprentice & market trolley pusher a girl could ask for) and my amazing family and friends.

I'm new at this so if can get past my spelling mistakes & typos, then hopefully it can be a place of cooking and eating inspiration. Welcome to La Cookaracha where we cook/create/sing and dance in the kitchen.