Friday, June 10, 2011

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Holy Moly.........Look at this countdown

I cant believe in 5 days Jake and I will be on a plane heading to Europe for my very first time.
All I can think of is the AMAZING food we be eating.
I promise to keep posting as much as I can.

I wonder if I'm being too ambitious by wanting to post about every meal I have while we're away.......
Yeah maybe, but i'll try. I'm just hoping that every meal will be worth writing about.

- Rendang (Kuala Lumpur)
- Chai Kway Tow (Kuala Lumpur)
- Curry & Chips (London) I know its not classy, but hey I've heard my british friends tell me how good it is.
- An Indian Curry (London) Apparently far better than the Indian we get in Australia
- Paella (Spain)
- Tapas & Pintxos (Spain)
- Macarons & Croissants (France)
- A good Cassoulet or Coq au vin (France)
- And lots of Pizza and Pasta (Italy)

I know they are your obvious dishes, but I want to know if they are that much better in their country of origin. I've got plenty of tips from friends, from their past trips for Europe. But by all means if you know of any great places to eat (especially if its where the locals go) I'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More More Dumplings...

Gosh the weeks are just flying by, today is only 3 weeks until Jake an I leave on a Jet plane. I've totally been missing my blogging but have been soooo busy, I'm working 6 days a week until we leave, so it doesn't leave much time for the fun stuff. But when the tummy is rumbling, we must treat ourselves to a short trip to foodie paradise also known as 'Footscray'.
 Jake and I have our favorites but are also keen to venture out of our comfort zones and try something new.
On recommendation from the lovely Lauren at Footscray Food Blog we decided to give Dumplings and More a go.

My hunger was getting the better of me, my head was slightly throbbing, but to a beat of dumpling, dumpling, dumpling......  "Hold on Tummy it's a coming"..but what else to order? The drumming of dumpling was overwhelming me, so I gave ordering power over to Jake.

Jake started to get a little carried away with his new found power, he was throwing orders at our waiter at a furious pace. The poor waiter had to kindly interrupt Jake and tell him that what he had ordered was clearly enough. A wise and professional move from the waiter as you will soon see in the following photos that Jake had ordered enough for 4, not 2. But thats why I love him, he loves food as much as I do.

First to arrive was the Potato salad only $2 for all of that...Amazing! this was one of Lauren's favs so we had to give it a crack. It was fabulous...not what you would expect from a potato salad at all. Its Tangy, the potato still has a nice bite to it, and laced with a little chilli. Its a perfect little refresher between bites, kinda like your picked Carrot and Daikon usually served on the side of a lot of Vietnamese dishes.

Next up was the Spring Onion Pancakes. These were awesome and only $2.50 for 2 pancakes. They were deliciously crispy and great topped with potato salad. I can imagine going back next time and sopping up a nice saucy dish with these.

Lamb skewer and Chicken Giblet skewer. $1.50 each. Not what I expected at all, these were heavily seasoned in what I can only describe as an African blend of spices, and spicy to boot! Really delicious but my lips were on fire.

Finally the Dumplings arrived these ones are the steamed Prawn meat and pork with chives dumplings 12pcs for $8.00 ( yep you heard right! bargain)

Also fried Lamb dumplings 15pcs for $8.00

The prawn, pork and chive dumplings were tasty, packed with chives although not very much prawn meat, but the dumpling dough itself was nice.

The Lamb dumplings were great, rich and meaty. I dont know how traditional Lamb is in dumplings but I give it the thumbs up!

So our waiter was indeed correct, we had to ask for 2 take-away containers to take our leftovers home. But i'm still smiling, this just means I get to have a totally delicious lunch tomorrow and stink out the office...Sorry girls :)

I cant wait wait to get back to Dumplings and more, so many more dishes to over order, feast, and take home to enjoy again

Dumplings & More
96 Hopkins St, Footscray

Phone: 9689 2165
Hours: 11.00 a.m. - 9.30 p.m -  7 days