Thursday, August 18, 2011

User friendly chopsticks!

I couldn't resist posting this. This little tid bit was from a Chinese restaurant we dined at in Valencia, Spain....go figure! Hey i'm from Melbourne I miss my asian food.

Thank you 

The Best kebab i've ever ever had!

I'm sure there is a Kebab shop on the corner of a street in every country of the world. Each kebab slightly differing depending on the culture, or religion of that country.
My swedish friend Vicky who had lived in Barcelona for a few years insisted we visit a north african kebab shop while we were in Spain. She said that they were sooo much better than the ones we get in Australia.

We had just sadly said good bye to Barcelona and caught the overnight train to Valencia. 8 hours of uncomfortable seating, noisy, snoring and farting passengers. But we survived to tell the tale, and eat again.

Right on the corner of Valencia's main train station is this Gem of a kebab shop, Estacion Doner Kebab
A tiny hole in the wall Kebab shop
We waltz in a take up 2 of the 3 seats in the kebab shop. The owner new a little english, but like all good kebab shops it had the good old picture menu on the wall.

"Ola, dos kebabs, patatas and cerveza por favor  (Yep they serve beer at their kebab shops)

May I present my delicious Kebab

Why so great you ask? Firstly it in comes in a beautifully round turkish bread pocket, lots of fresh salad with tomatoes that taste like tomates. Delicious juicy chicken, then its topped with a garlic sour cream ( not your usual natural yoghurt garlic sauce) and an ever so slightly sweet tomato salsa. BAM!!! Kebab yumburgers.
Bung in a couple of crispy salty chips (yes I mean ships in the kebab) and wash down with icy cold beer. For Aus $12 for 2 Kebabs, 2 chips and 2 beers.

Estacion Doner Kebab. Corner Calle de Bailen & Carrer de Xativa,Valencia. (Right hand side of Valencia train station)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to reality

Well the holiday is well and truly over :(
I'm back home in freezing cold Melbourne. My hope to keep you all updated on my adventures surely did fall by the wayside. What was I thinking...? With all the amazing food I ate and wonderful adventures we had, I would have to spend at least a couple of hours per day on the laptop. Unfortunately I chose more food and more adventures.
But fear not my friends, I will have the posts up as soon as I can. It was too wonderful not to share.

I mean who wouldn't want to read about drinking beers as big as your head...????  ha ha

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is this the worlds biggest Vending Machine....???

One to remember

It's never usually an amazingly special dish, nor does it have to cost you an arm and a leg. I'm talking about those meals you sit down to, just expecting to enjoy and fill you up, and they end up being a meal you talk about for years......

Sagrada Familia
Jake and I had been doing the tourist thing all day. We visited Goudi's Sagrada familia church which just blew my socks right off!

Inside the church, listening to the Audio guides

The Roof

After a massive day of sightseeing and photo taking, one may find themselves famished, as we did! So I asked Jake what he felt like and he said he was hankering for some Mexican, as you do when your in Spain. 
So as we were walking it's as if the heavens parted and dropped a Mexican restaurant right on our toes.

Because we didn't want to over eat, Jake and I only ordered light ( ha ha..if you can believe it)

We ordered a Nachos, a Tasting plate and Tomato bread.
Now the tomato bread is your usual starter in Spain, and let me tell you its just fantastic. Toast some bread then squish the guts of a tomato all of it. Voila!!!

The Nachos didn't look like much, but they were so wonderful. The salsa was fresh and my favorite was the coriander sauce they drizzled over the plate.

The tasting plate consisted of amazing Jamon, manchego cheese, mixed olives and mini chorizos.
The Jamon speaks for itself really, or should. But if you've never had it, it is fatty, melt in the mouth heaven.
The cheese which was firm and slightly salty and went well with everything on the plate. The mini chorizos popped in your mouth and had delicious paprika flavour through them.
Now let me get to the olives...My absolute favorite were these wonderfully dark green olives, I have never seen them before in Australia nor did I see them again whilst in Spain. They were almost a forrest green. I should have asked the waiter what they were called. Never have I ever tasted olives like this. This is how all olives should taste. They had been marinated in a little garlic and fresh oregano and biting through them brought a smile to our faces.

Well thats what was left of our dinner...not much! Dont worry Jake did find room to polish off the last chorizo.

And was nice enough to pose for a photo.

I love Barcelona x xxx