Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tittie Cake

What cake do you make for a joint 30th boys Birthday.....?

 A Boob!!  Surely not one to share....??

Two Boobs!!!! One naturally Bigger than the other too ( Well that's the excuse I used)

Oi keep your Mits off!!!

Happy Birthday Boys!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Whats not to love about celebrating another New Year. Especially when the Chinese know how to throw a party.
Jake and I decided to go into the city to see the whole shebang in China Town, I invited a couple of friends to join us to make a nice day of it.

A very packed Chinatown

Cute kiddies watching the festivities from above

Hanging the Cabbage as an offering to the Lion for Wealth

Someones spotted the food stalls.........

A vendor cooking up Delicious Treats
See the green skewers..? Bo La Lop (Bo La Lot) Beef wrapped in Betel Leaf. One of my absolute Favorites

Hmmmm interesting!

Jake went for the Chilli Pork

Lucky Beer for a Lucky Year....?

I won a lucky rabbit money box for being able to say "Happy new year" in Cantonese

Happy New Year to all, I hope it's a great year for you :)