Friday, July 1, 2011

A quick stop in K.L

We arrived at K.L airport just after 4pm local time, only to endure huge lines at the passport counter in what seemed to be a huge sauna. I wasn't prepared for this heat. I still had my trackies and long sleeve jumper on from Melbourne. As we slowly slowly neared the front of the line I had stripped off as many layers as I possibly could (without losing my modesty), finally after the obligatory finger print scan we were through the gates.
Stepping out the through the Airport doors the heat and humidity slap you in the face, what a change from our bitterly cold melbourne weather. Quick must find air-conditioned taxi.
We hailed a cab "Ahhhhh cool" and start making our way to Kuala Lumpur City Centre in what seems at lightning speed. I dont think it's customary to stick to speed limits in this country. As I stare out the taxi window, all I notice as far as I can see is Palm tree plantations, for what i'm guessing is the harvesting of 'Palm oil', I guess its sad to see as once this would've been a beautiful jungle.

We finally arrive at our hotel at roughly 6pm, Jake and I quickly change out of out plane clothes and into much more weather appropriate attire and head on out for a wander.....and for a snack!!
The Coffee and Spice company - Suria Shopping Centre. KLCC

Jake and I had be wondering around for a while, keeping cool inside this massive shopping complex, when Jake spotted this place. Immediately drawn to it from the golden curry puffs on display. Ahhh our first snack in K.L

The most delicious curry puff Jake and I have ever had.
This curry Puff was so full of amazing flavour, I cant even imagine the different amount of spices involved in making this beauty, and the pastry so crisp and flakey. Yummmmmmm

I tried the Soy milk and Black Jelly drink. Not bad, Jelly didn't have much flavour, and their Soy milk is really strong, at least it was nice and cold.

Jake also ordered the chicken satays, they came with chopped chunks of cucumber, red onion and taro to dip into the satay sauce, this was really yummy, the satay sauce was no way near as creamy as the satay we usually get back home. But really flavoursome. We must stop past for curry puffs again on our way home

We couldn't help but stop past the Petronas Towers again. They would have to be one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen.

How cute are these bouquets....?!?!?!?!?

I love this Country! What exciting things will I find tomorrow???


  1. Hi Courtney, you're in KL? What do you think about the food here? I'm sure you're enjoying it so much. Btw, great pictures!

  2. Hi Kristy. Love it in K.L. We will be stopping back for another 4 days on our way home. The food is amazing!!!