Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You eat what for Brekky...?

Two whirlwind days in Kuala Lumpur, and now in good ol' London town, my wonderful friends Danny & Ross were kind enough to put Jake and I up for a week or more, not only that they were more than happy to cook for us too. So it seems my Aussie friend Danny has been converted to a right ol' London lad and informed us we would be having Eggy crumpets with maple syrup, bacon and chilli for brekky.
Jake was thrilled at the thought of this, you see if Jake and I do a proper big breakfast on the weekend, you know your usual eggs, bacon, toast, hash brown,  and grilled tomato. Jake loves nothing more than to smother it all in Maple syrup. Yep you heard right!!!!
So that night it took a while to fall asleep, when I finally did the most amazing thing happened! I dreamt I loved the eggy crumpets with bacon...maple syrup and all!

In the morning, Danny had a skip in his step and was eager for us to rise and sit around the breakfast table.
Please let my dream come true........

The Chefs hard at work!

Eggy Crumpets coming along nicely

How's that for presentation Darls!!!

Ready to tuck in....

The final product...Eggy Crumpets with bacon, maple syrup and chilli

And you know what.....?  They were bloody delicious, thanks Danny and Ross ( and maybe a special mention to Nigella Lawson) I think I've been converted.

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