Saturday, July 2, 2011

K.L Continues......

Another day, another exciting day!!! Its so nice to be so excited for what the day might bring. You jump out of bed (yay no work) You sing loudly (and badly) in the shower (yay no work).........

Jake had been researching well into the night and had decided to play tour guide today. So first stop

The Batu Caves

==> Big Green Statue = Cool!!

Delicious Samosa
Now before starting any strenuous adventure one should always refuel. We stopped at a Vegetarian resturant at the bottom of the Batu Caves ( Restaurant name to follow as I dont have my notes handy)
We started at with a Samosa each, these packed a punch with flavour and zing! Luckily the level of Zing I could handle (just!)

Vegetable Masala Dosa
Next was the Vegetable Masala Dosa, but thats not all. Then the condiment man comes over and tops you up.

Jake clearly excited here!!!!

Condiments from left to right-

Coconut ( Absolute firewater, and a no gone zone for me. Jake loved it!!!)
Dahl ( my personal favorite)
Tomato ( Another spicy one )

A clearly happy and sweaty browed man!

This food is Fantastic!!! and only came to like $6.00 AUS for all of it. And I had a nice lip burn for the rest of the afternoon :)

Also one must rehydrate before a big adventure so Jake insisted on a fresh coconut juice. Not for me though, theres just something about warm juice on a near 40 degree day before a big hike that doesn't tickle my fancy! i wishI hadn't eaten soooo much for lunch!!!

Monkeys are everywhere, and in the Lonely PLanet book it states...beware of the Monkey's, they can bite!! So I was a big woos and got Jake to walk up in front. And whatever you do, dont conceal food in your handbag, cause they'll sniff you down and take what they like...and these monkeys will eat anything.....

And I mean anything!!!!

I bet ya this one's wondering if he can eat the pigeon......

Inside the Caves


  1. Yes, this is the place where you shouldn't miss! You should come back on the next Thaipusam, which normally falls on January. Here's the link for you to check on it :
    I bet you'll be amazed!

  2. Thanks Kristy. It was such a great day.