Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He liked it so he put a ring on it!!!

So after Batu Caves, Jake tour guide for the day decided he wanted to go paddle boating on a nice lake. I usually wiggle my way out of Paddle boating by saying we will do it on the way back etc etc....But I couldn't deny Jake of Paddle boating fun, so I succumbed.

We got to a beautiful lake in Titiwangsa, we got a paddle boat. After 5 minutes I was complaining I was too hot and too tired! So jake took over

Me chilling out
Jake having the time of his life
Jake getting his "Camera" out of his bag...(or so he told me)

Then the most wonderful, unexpected thing happened.......

Jake proposed to me on the lake.....right there!!!

"Thats were I proposed"

The Happy Couple!!!!

Soooo to celebrate the special occasion, we treated ourselves to what I would call..."The best meal of my life"
Read on....

 Tamarind Hill

  • Cuisines: Modern Burmese, Thai
  • 19 Jalan Sultan Ismail , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
  • 93-21483200
Starter Plate (Left-Right) Lightly fried squid, Candied Orange segments with BBQ style Pork, Lightly seared Salmon rolled in herbs, and Fish Cakes with cucumber salad.
The whole dining experience starter with an Absolute bang with this starter. Everything on it was exceptional, what I enjoyed most was the Candied Orange segment stuffed with BBQ pork, I thought I would probably like the least, but it was an absolute flavour explosion! The whole idea of candied orange scared me, but when I bit into it, the orange flavour balanced out the bbq flavour perfectly. I could happily eat a whole plate of them alone

Fried soft shelled crab with cucumber and apple salad
This is always a favorite of Jakes, and it was delicious, still a great crispy batter, right amounts of seasoning, and the cooling sweet salad, was perfect!

Mains (Front-Back) Tender Lamb Shank with Penang Sauce,  potato batons and pickled Vegetables. River Lobster with Tamarind sauce. Garlic rice with scallions.
Yum + Yum! Whats not to love about a fall off the bone, melt in your  mouth Lamb shank, drizzled with the best Penang sauce...? Yumburgers!!! THe River Lobster was such a treat, the sauce has the right amount of Tang and sweetness, and the meat was just gorgeous and so so fresh. Add to that perfect garlicky rice to sop up all that sauce....HEAVEN

Welcoming Cocktail (left) Mousse my Berry (right)
Add to that a couple of perfectly made cocktails, oh yes and the fact I just got engaged...!!!  This was such an amazing night. I couldn't fault the service either, they were so tentative without being annoying and had great english skills, our waiter was fabulous.

The Amazing chefs, and fantastic Kitchen
I will remember this meal forever, and when we got the bill we were pleasantly surprised. 2 course dinner for two, plus champagnes and cocktails it came to roughly $110 AUS. This place is a gem. If your in Kuala Lumpur do yourself a favour and eat here. It is an experience and I promise you wont regret it.

Thank you Tamarind hill, for everything!


  1. OMG, CONGRATULATIONS! ((hugs)) So, when & where the wedding going to be held happy couple? :o)
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. Thanks Kristy. It was such a lovely surprise. Havn't set a date yet. Just concentrating on our holiday for the moment :)