Sunday, July 17, 2011

A taste for Tapas

My curiosity about the Tapas Bar begun with Anthony Bourdain in one of his Spanish episodes of 'No Reservations'. Its not a hard sell really, whats not to love about a local bar that sells ice cold beer and while your drinking your surrounded by amazing nibblies...??
Jake and I had been walking for a couple of hours and it was well past beer o'oclock when this little beauty fell from the clouds above. "Ahhhhhhhhh - cue the angels"

hmmmm what to order...?

'The Local'
What's not to love about this place, packed with locals, awesome interior, full to the brim with old memorabilia.

Tapas and Beer!
 Left- was Sardines and peppers. Right - Tuna and Olives.
So simple yet so bloody delicious! I could've kept ordering more more more, but one must draw the line dinner time was fast approaching.

Tapas Heaven!
I could definitely get used to this way of life..Eat...snack...Eat...snack...Eat...snack!!!

See I look like a local already.... :)
Maybe I could open up a little place like this back home......


  1. Super jealous at the moment!! Eat more for me ;)

  2. Jeroxie I have eaten enough for 2 people for a year. How do you not though...? In Milan at the moment, CARB city. Loving every minute x x x