Monday, April 11, 2011

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

After a crappy day at work, there are no better words than those uttered from partners lips, "Get dressed babe, I'm taking you out for dinner"


"Where are we going?" I asked

"It's a Surprise" Jake said (Second best words uttered)

So I jumped in and out of the shower, Curled my hair all nice, a little bit of make-up and popped on a pretty dress. We got into the car and headed off, my curiosity was getting the better of me when we started making our way over the West Gate Bridge. We finally pulled into a car park round the corner from the Casino. But rather than head towards the Casino, we headed towards a group of people milling around a tram stop??


"We're going on the Tram Car Restaurant!!!" Jake finally proclaimed
 "Really...?!?! How awesome.....!!!!!"

The Tramcar  Restaurant pulls up and waits for us to board
I couldn't wait to get inside, I had no idea what to expect, and my tummy was rumbling!!!

We were served Australian Sparkling wine on arrival

We made our order with our gorgeous waitress Belinda, Jake and I split our choices for Entree, Mains and Dessert so we got to try everything.

Everyone got starters of Chicken Liver and Cognac Pate and Roasted Red Capsicum Dip with crisp bread, Jake was rapt, he loooooves Pate. Both were really lovely, I could've kept scoffing but I knew I had a few more courses coming

 For Entree I had the Tasmanian Ocean Trout served on julienne vegetables with a soy ginger reduction. This was really lovely, the trout was really fresh and I loved the sweet sauce. Jake had the Duck Risotto with wild mushrooms and peas, drizzled with truffle oil and topped with crisp leek, this was another winner, nice pieces of duck and the rice cooked right. I prefered mine....but i'm not much of a risotto eater

This is Jake tucking into his Victorian farmed Eye Fillet of Beef (Jake ordered Rare, and it was done perfectly) served with a potato and herb rosti, seasoned vegetables, onion marmalade and a rich beef jus. Jake loved his Beef, the Rosti was very tasty too although I thought Rostis were meant to be thinner, almost like a potato cake. I had the Macadamia Chicken, a grilled chicken breast on sweet potato mash and baby spinach with a macadamia pesto sauce, this was great, the chicken breast was huge and I had nice chunks of macadamias in the pesto which added great texture to the dish. I was starting to feel absolutely stuffed by this point, there was just so much food.

The Fantastically entertaining, the wonderfully singing waiter Joe. Joe was brilliant, you were never without a drink for longer than a second or in most cases topped up while you weren't looking. Joe had the whole Tram Car singing, smiling, and laughing. I wish there were more like him. Joe's a man who is obviously very dedicated to providing excellent service every journey. If only every restaurant had a 'Joe'

We were served an amazing Cheese Platter  with crisp bread and fruit bread ad two types of Australian cheeses, then dessert arrived Sticky Date Pudding Yummmmmmmmo. There was no way I could finish the dessert, but I gave it a good go.

After a Fantastic 3 Hours, 5 Courses, and too many drinks to remember we regretfully departed the Tram Car Restaurant. I had such an amazing time, even though I have lived in Melbourne all my life, I saw a different side to her tonight. To tell you the truth we couldv'e been anywhere in the world. But i'm glad Melbourne does have such great entertainment to offer tourists and locals alike. I would recommend the Tram Car for anybody. I'm already thinking of buying my parents a trip for their Christmas presents this year.


  1. It's been maybe 20 years since I did this with my mum. It was a hoot! And the food was better by far than I expected. We were both quite intoxicated by the end of the night.

  2. 20 years...???I think its time you went again. We had a ball. And yes....were more than slightly intoxicated.......:)