Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Best kebab i've ever ever had!

I'm sure there is a Kebab shop on the corner of a street in every country of the world. Each kebab slightly differing depending on the culture, or religion of that country.
My swedish friend Vicky who had lived in Barcelona for a few years insisted we visit a north african kebab shop while we were in Spain. She said that they were sooo much better than the ones we get in Australia.

We had just sadly said good bye to Barcelona and caught the overnight train to Valencia. 8 hours of uncomfortable seating, noisy, snoring and farting passengers. But we survived to tell the tale, and eat again.

Right on the corner of Valencia's main train station is this Gem of a kebab shop, Estacion Doner Kebab
A tiny hole in the wall Kebab shop
We waltz in a take up 2 of the 3 seats in the kebab shop. The owner new a little english, but like all good kebab shops it had the good old picture menu on the wall.

"Ola, dos kebabs, patatas and cerveza por favor  (Yep they serve beer at their kebab shops)

May I present my delicious Kebab

Why so great you ask? Firstly it in comes in a beautifully round turkish bread pocket, lots of fresh salad with tomatoes that taste like tomates. Delicious juicy chicken, then its topped with a garlic sour cream ( not your usual natural yoghurt garlic sauce) and an ever so slightly sweet tomato salsa. BAM!!! Kebab yumburgers.
Bung in a couple of crispy salty chips (yes I mean ships in the kebab) and wash down with icy cold beer. For Aus $12 for 2 Kebabs, 2 chips and 2 beers.

Estacion Doner Kebab. Corner Calle de Bailen & Carrer de Xativa,Valencia. (Right hand side of Valencia train station)

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